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Sexual Assault Victims: You’re Not Alone

October 31, 2018

Sexual Assault Victims: You’re Not Alone by Jonathan TandThe prominent sexual assault case of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has some people asking, “How do we know she’s telling the truth? She doesn’t remember all of the details about the incident, so how do we know she’s telling the truth?”

One of the commonalities in people who have been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted is that they don’t always come out right away and say it. So, while it’s important to remember that, it’s also important to let these people know that they’re not alone.

Both sexual assault and sexual harassment are deeply troubling incidents that can take a lot of time to process. Just because somebody doesn’t come out right away and say, “I was sexually assaulted,” does not mean that it didn’t happen.

A victim should not have to prove that they were sexually assaulted. If something happened to them, they should not only be defended, but they also have the right to recover damages from what happened to them.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that sexual harassment and sexual assault — and initially staying quiet about them — does not only happen to women. In fact, men often don’t want to admit they were sexually harassed because they worry they will be perceived as less than masculine.

At Tand & Associates, we listen to all victims and are ready to help. If you’ve been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed at work, please call us.

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